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Revelation Reveals Jesus (2 Volume Set)

Revelation Reveals Jesus (2 Volume Set)

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In his last years, the elderly apostle John sat on the Aegean Isle of Patmos and wrote out what he saw in visions. From then to the present, readers of the Revelation have found interpreting its symbols and messages a challenge. How one interprets Revelation depends largely on the set of "reading glasses" one wears while studying the book. Today, many such glasses are available, but not all of them can be accurate. Some newer lenses lead to erroneous views and conclusions. But at last available here is a full-length, comprehensive commentary on Revelation that relies exclusively on the historicist interpretative method, combining exegesis of the text with applications of the book's symbolism. Jesus' work on our behalf in the heavenly sanctuary is the focus of the book--as is His imminent return to take us home to be with Him. This book restores all five of the time prophecies, showcases the Pre-Advent Judgment in chapter 11, and makes application of the prophetic elements of the seven churches, seals, and trumpets to Christian history. Jesus reaches out to touch us and offer all the grace we will ever need to receive His righteousness. He longs to be with us--and soon! This is a 2 volume set. Total page count (combining both books) is 1205 pages. Written by Kenneth Mathews, Jr.

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