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Stewardship and Everything

Stewardship and Everything

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Countless attempts have been made to define stewardship. In Leroy Edwin Froom’s Stewardship in its Larger Aspects he stated that it neither begins nor ends with money. Stewardship, he declared, “is the all-inclusive principle of the whole of life.” Author Mitch Hazekamp’s picture of stewardship is all-encompassing: God and all of His creation; a star-filled sky on a clear, dark night; a snow-covered mountain peak towering heavenward against a blue sky; a cascading waterfall plunging into a pool of icy water; the vastness of a desert sweltering in the heat of the day with the teeming multitudes attempting to eke out a life in the midst of privation; a jam-packed interstate overflowing with cars and trucks while an emergency vehicle screams through the traffic, sirens blaring, attempting to save a life. In this book Hazekamp shares lessons he has learned about stewardship, from stewardship in our personal lives and families to our wallets, church life, outreach, and ministry. Lessons are illustrated with scripture references and stories from Hazekamp’s life. The bottom line: stewardship is all about God and everything He has created. Written by Mitch Hazekamp

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